What clients are saying about working with me.

Dipl. Ing. Alberto Barbieri
Managing Director at BARBIERI RUBBER S.r.l. unipersonale

"Mr. Uwe Rüttgers helped us improve our web site and loyally accompanied us for 4 years in order to introduce our company into the difficult German market. At all times I have found Mr. Uwe Rüttgers to be hard-working, conscientious and honest. His deep knowledge and experience in market strategy was the key to reaching our goal."

Sophie Mehrabyan
General Manager at Macadamian

"Uwe has a deep knowledge in the area of business development in the German market. It was pleasure to work with him on the short project. I received highly professional guidance on how to develop strategic sales and a marketing plan."

Maxim Bogdanov
Chief Executive Officer at ZAO ASCON

"We've been working with Mr. Ruettgers on the project of software business development in Germany. Mr. Ruettgers showed himself as a real expert in the German market, as a business strategist, and as a responsible, enthusiastic and professional business consultant. His excellent interpersonal skills ensured effective partners involvement and satisfaction. I also admire Mr. Ruettgers' ability to do business from scratch by attending to marketing, sales, and the administrative aspects of business."

Ertan Sertcan
Database Developer at Hollard Insurance

"Uwe Rüttgers is very knowledgeable on how your business can be developed in the German market. If you are attempting to enter the German market, you can spend months researching the legal and financial aspects to establishing a company or partnership, accessing investment programs and adjusting your sales and go to market strategy. Uwe can help provide guidance on these challenges based on his knowledge of the German business, finance and government environments to reduce risk and increase your chance of a good outcome. A great guy who is switched on to the pulse of the German business market."

Alex Porter
Chief Executive Officer at Spear Energy
United Kingdom

"Uwe was introduced to a client company in Armenia with the specific purpose of assessing the company, developing a strategy, recommending a course of action, and then preparing an operational, and longer term strategic plan for board approval. Uwe completed all of these tasks efficiently, and communicated his proposals clearly. His experience, communication skills and knowledge of the German market made him an expert in his field - exactly what he was contracted for."

Irina Voronkina
General Manager at GloBAS Group

"We've been working together with Mr. Ruettgers on several business development projects for Russian and European companies. It's always been a pleasant and trustful cooperation. Mr. Ruettgers performs all the tasks with high professionalism; his strategic views of the project and his recommendations are realistic, rational and based on actual market conditions. We would definitely recommend cooperation with Mr. Ruettgers to all companies wishing to develop their business in Germany or other European markets."

Dr. Bose
Technical Director at Industria Metaloquimica Kels Ltda

"Mr. Ruettgers has been working as our sales representative in Germany for the last four years. With his dedication and skillful work our company was able to gain a new market in Germany in the field of electrical contacts. He is very professional and has a pleasant personality. His cooperation is quite important for our company."

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