Uwe Rüttgers GmbH, Maximilianstraße 13, 80539 Munich, Germany

Our Service

Establishing a German Company

Depending on your goals for your future German business, we will personally help you to set up a company as your German branch. Our services include:

• Finding the right legal form* for your company

• Dealing with the formalities* associated with setting up a company such as the founding documents, registration in the commercial register, obtaining licenses, etc.

• Providing a German company address

• Applying for a German bank account

• Company taxation*

• Managing daily business

Your advantage
We are your personal contact in Germany for all of the above tasks and, if necessary, coordinate the involvement of *lawyer, notary or tax consultant into the start-up process.

With our help you can start and do your business far away from Germany. We'll complete the job for you here! As an option, Uwe Rüttgers can run your business in Germany as Managing Director, Country Manager or Sales Representative.

We have in-depth market and technology knowledge in the fields of automation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering / electronics and information technology in Germany. All of our services are provided at a high level of technical and commercial expertise.