Uwe Rüttgers GmbH, Maximilianstraße 13, 80539 Munich, Germany

Our Service

Sales in Germany

Since 1995 we´ve been adding value to our customers' business in Germany by selling their products / solutions, recruiting new customers and expanding existing customer bases. Our services include:

• Analysis of the German market for your products/services

• Preparation or optimization of your sales strategy

• Identification of main target groups in Germany using our existing database

• Lead generation, identification of business opportunities, data management with web-based CRM application

• Contacting potential new clients, arranging meetings with potential clients and/or managing webinars

• Managing the sales process, closing deals

Your advantage
With our help you’ll have direct access to projects, tenders and potential new clients in Germany.

As an option, Uwe Rüttgers can run your business in Germany as Managing Director, Country Manager or Sales Representative.

We have in-depth market and technology knowledge in the fields of automation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering / electronics and information technology in Germany. All of our services are provided at a high level of technical and commercial expertise.