Representing your Company

After you have established your branch in Germany, a professional expert will be required to manage your daily business. Since 1995 I have acted as the managing director of several registered companies (GmbH) and I have considerable experience establishing and managing German branches. I can help you personally as your Managing Director, Country Manager or Sales Representative by...

  • finalizing the founding of your German company

  • offering German business locations with addresses, phone numbers, meeting rooms etc

  • adapting existing sales/marketing know-how to German business culture

  • recruiting new staff

  • managing all legal and tax requirements assisted by lawyers, notaries and tax consultants

All of these tasks are managed by me in a personal way. I carry out your business based on your own individual goals for the German market.

After a branch is established and a commercial infrastructure is organized I'll be able to manage your expansion by selling your products/service. Please find more details in the section "Finding New Clients."

Please view my fee model for an efficiency evaluation and make your request for more information!

Uwe Rüttgers, CEO

"I'll be glad to help you personally to achieve optimal results in Germany!"

Representative Office:
Maximilianstraße 13
80539 Munich, Germany

Please make your request for a free proposal!

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