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After completing my training as an industrial sales representative in 1985 I started my professional career as a sales representative selling CNC production centers to industrial clients in European countries. During this period I learned the fundamentals of presenting and selling high-tech solutions to sophisticated international clients.

In 1995 I founded my own company in Munich called “opti-sale Marketing GmbH” which offered business development services specializing in the IT industry. As managing director of opti-sale Marketing GmbH I prepared and executed more than 480 projects in the technology industry for customer acquisition, launching new products/services and generating leads in Germany. Numerous internationally known IT companies like Oracle, AMD, Juniper Networks, Mitsubishi and Hewlett Packard (HP) etc. were satisfied clients for many years.

In 2006 I started my career as a fee-based consultant helping international technology companies do business successfully in Germany.

Specialist areas:

  • Managing Director (since 1995)

  • Sales Representative

  • Business Consultant

  • Country Manager

Let my professional experience in the technology industry help you achieve optimal results in Germany!

Uwe Rüttgers, CEO

"I'll be glad to help you personally to achieve optimal results in Germany!"

Representative Office:
Maximilianstraße 13
80539 Munich, Germany

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