Investment Consulting

As an investor are you looking for...

  • German technology companies to buy?

  • shares in German blue chip companies?

  • apartments, houses or other assets to buy?

My name is Uwe Rüttgers. I'm located in Munich and as your Personal Assistant in Germany I'll help you manage your new investments in Germany based on your individual requirements. This includes

  • finding the right options for safe and profitable investments in Germany

  • analyzing and validating investments

  • meetings and negotiations

  • closing deals

  • managing all legal and tax requirements assisted by lawyers, notaries and tax consultants

  • and last but not least guiding foreign investors through German business culture

With my professional experience foreign investors have direct access to the German market as well as the opportunity to optimize German investments in a professional and sustainable way.

I can save you time in finding the right investment in Germany. I can help get you there, and I can help you manage your business while you're there.

Uwe Rüttgers, CEO

"I'll be glad to help you personally to achieve optimal results in Germany!"

Representative Office:
Maximilianstraße 13
80539 Munich, Germany

Please make your request for a free proposal!

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