Establishing a Branch

Any entrepreneur who wants to start a business in Germany may do so. As a rule, there are no restrictions limiting the establishment of new companies. Nonetheless, founding a business requires a sequence of several specific steps. These range from choosing the appropriate legal form for the business to having your company entered in the German trade register. I’ll help you every step of the way.

There are many websites offering publications on how to start a business in Germany. However, all this information is standardized and offers no individual approach to achieving your goals in Germany. I’ll help you personally in your daily business to find the best individual solution for the following tasks involved in establishing a branch office:

  • Finding the right legal form for your company

  • Business registration

  • Company taxation

  • Transferring assets

  • Cash incentives for investments

  • Visa regulations

With my help you can start and do your business far away from Germany. I'll complete the job for you here!

As an option, I can run your business in Germany as a Managing Director, Country Manager or Sales Representative. Please see further details under "Representing your company."

Please view my fee model for an efficiency evaluation and make your request for more information!

Uwe Rüttgers, CEO

"I'll be glad to help you personally to achieve optimal results in Germany!"

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